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An Erotic Story About Interracial Bareback Breeding

There is nothing more arousing than interracial sex. The two skin tones are so contrastingly different but look so perfect together. Such is the case with gay interracial sex – two men so attracted to each other that they want to enjoy all that the other has to offer them. This story tells the tale of a dominant black man and his submissive white lover, as they do the most erotic thing possible: interracial bareback breeding.

This is the hottest activity that two gay men can indulge in. It shows the complete dedication that the two have for one to insert his penis into the other’s ass without a condom.

It really is true what they say about black men – their cocks are huge. The white man realised the full extent of his treat for the evening as he kneeled in front of his lover, whose exposed and erect cock bobbed beautifully next to his face. It must have been at least 10 inches long and it was accompanied by a huge set of balls.

He knew that taking this monster dick would be a task even though his ass had been stretched before. Hence, he began by lubing it up with a nice blow job – taking as much of it in as he could. To further arouse his master, he proceeded to suckle on his balls and lick the underside of his cock. This massive cock was now ready for some bareback breeding.

He bent over, presenting his now gaping ass to be filled – an invitation quickly accepted. His dark hands grabbing hold of his partner’s pale hips, master started thrusting hard, each thrust deeper than the last. Feeling more stretched than ever before, the white submissive started to bite on his pillow, letting out the odd gasp of pleasure.

It was the perfect sexual sight. A deserving black cock taking what it was rightfully deserved. Master treated his partner roughly, but with a same loving respect too – he would never let anyone else take him in this way, and he was going to prove it by completing the breeding process. Cream began oozing out of his cock and filling up the open asshole which twitched with delight. Master was pleased that he now controlled his partner, while the submissive white guy was equally satisfied as the cum drooled in, knowing he had a lover that would take care of him for life.

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