Why I will never get married

I’m at that age now where all of my friends are settling down and getting married. They often ask me why don’t you get married Hun but I keep on telling them marriage is not for me. Hi am a single 25-year-old woman who is happy living and being on her own. I have an amazing job at Charlotte Greenford escorts where I get to meet many people and date many men. Why would I want to get locked down by just one. Besides many of my colleagues at Charlotte Greenford escorts complain of https://charlotteaction.org/greenford-escorts/ a lot about how their partners get super jealous because they are dating lots of other men. I can’t deal with that kind of headache.


From a young age I’ve always wanted to be free never to be locked down by responsibilities or anyone else. This is why working at Charlotte Greenford escorts is the best place for me. I get treated like a queen I get taken out for fancy dinners on romantic dates and even get taken abroad. I love the whole no strings attached vibe when I’m at work.


Some of my married friends at Charlotte Greenford escorts have huge arguments with their partners when they’re going to work. I hear all about it at the office I really do feel sorry for them because that is something I will never have to experience. Don’t get me wrong if the right guy came along I’ll be happy to commit to him but he would also have to understand the kind of character that I have. He would have to 100% be happy with the fact that I work at Charlotte Greenford escorts I cannot deal with any jealousy it’s just such a waste of emotions. He also have to understand that I need my own space I don’t want him stuck to my hip and I wouldn’t want to do everything with him all day and all night.


A couple of the girls at London escort are single like me and they share my views we just love dating different people and having exciting different experiences. Marriage can get boring after many years and I’m still striving to have exciting experiences day after day after day. I remember I had one long-term relationship with a guy named James. James was a successful architect and was very good at his job. Although he works long hours he always managed to find time to call me five times a day which drove me mad. And as soon as he got home he was literally stuck to my side. Don’t get me wrong he was a good guy and fantastic in bed but I just couldn’t stand the attachment. I would be eating dinner and he would still want to be right by my side. Girls at Charlotte Greenford escorts laugh every time I tell them the story. I really don’t know why men are so clingy in my relationships because I am the total opposite.

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