Fall In Love With A Male Escort

A couple of years ago, I had a really bad break-up with a boyfriend. As a result, I ended up in the dumps and my girlfriends felt sorry for me. They decided that they would cheer me up with a night out in London. What I did not know, was that my girlfriends had arranged a date with a guy from a male London escorts agency. Dating male London escorts was something that I had never thought about doing before. But as soon as I met Jonathan, I knew that there was something very special about him.

At the end of the night, and when the date was over, I knew that I had to see Jonathan again. By that time, I knew that Jonathan was a male escort. His body made me feel so horny at night and his conversation awoke me. It did not bother me that Jonathan worked for a male London escorts agency, and it did not seem to worry him that I was a client. In fact, he readily gave me both his personal number and the phone number to the London escorts agency that he worked for. I was over the moon.

A couple of nights later, when Jonathan was off London escorts duty, we decided that we would go out on a personal date. Of course, we both realised that London escorts etiquette says that you should really not date your clients. But, we could not help it. We both knew that there was something special about the way we felt about each other. So, we threw protocol to the wind and went out on a dating. As soon as I saw Jonathan, I realised that I was madly in love with him. From what I could tell, he very much felt the same way about me.

During that first personal date, Jonathan started to tell me more about what it was like to work for London escorts. At the time, I was working for a beauty salon in central London, It was okay, but it did not take long for the penny to drop. I could make a lot more money by working for a London escorts agency. Also, if I carried on working for the spa, our working hours would end up conflicting with each other. I started to talk to Jonathan about finding a job with a London escorts agency.

Finding a job with a London escorts agency is not always easy. Also, I was not sure that working for London escorts was for me. I started to talk to Jonathan more and more about escorting in London. Jonathan suggested that I start escorting on a part-time basis while still hanging onto my old job. That sounded like a good idea. A couple of months later, I ended up working as an escort on a full-time basis. Jonathan and I are now one of London’s most successful escort couples. We are still working as London escorts and are having a really good time. Are we still in love? Yes, very much so.

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