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Wives want to know whether their husbands feel guilty or ashamed of fraud or if they are only sorry for being caught and now have to deal with the consequences, Marylebone escort from https://charlotteaction.org/marylebone-escorts added. They wondered if he was hesitant when he decided to cheat or become very excited and banned so he never thought of his wife – long after. In short, women want to have a part in their husband’s mind so they can understand the thought process which is very doubtful if he chooses this very painful and unprofitable mistake Marylebone escort said. And they want to know where the head is and his current involvement, the problem is over, and if they can trust and their commitment is still with them, so they don’t need to worry. In the future the truth is that the human mind set during infidelity can be different from the man himself, but I heard that from many people trying to find out for their wives. Sometimes they tell me their thinking processes, Marylebone escort added and I have gone through this situation myself. So I see it from two different sides of a coin. Yes, there may be men who have little or no remorse. But these are not the people I hear because they are usually not men trying to get their marriage back. In the next article I will tell you how men describe their feelings during and after the affair. How Men Feel During Infidelity: This feeling in turn varies according to the person who experiences it. But most of the men I hear describe themselves as “not thinking” when it comes to questions. Some of the sentences I hear describing this are, “I really don’t know what I’m thinking, I’m moving slowly, and I really don’t stop thinking about what will happen.” I don’t want to go there in my head. Some men describe very guilty feelings and embarrassing feelings during the affair. Sometimes I hear things like, “I go home, lock the door, and cry.” Or – my hands trembled on the way home so I worried that there would be an accident. Or – guilt killed me. I can’t even look into my wife’s eyes. I am always sure he knows something is happening or I know I have lied or done something very wrong, Marylebone escort added in short, the feeling of a man can fill his gloves when he is having an affair with his wife. But I found that most men feel sadness, conflict or guilt when they do it. Some are able to eliminate this feeling, or at least calm it for a moment. And some cannot accept feelings and admit everything. Some will try to justify their actions to continue, but most of them know at least in depth that what they are doing is wrong, Marylebone escort said.

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