I Have Never Told Him About London Escorts

Most London escorts do eventually choose to move on. I was not any different from the other girls I worked with at a London escorts agency in central London. Eventually, I decided that I had enough of all the late nights and wanted to change my lifestyle. I had a little cover job in a top department store in London, so I asked for more hours and eventually left London escorts for a new career on cosmetics sales.

During my time with London escorts, I had been fortunate enough to receive a lot of special gifts. My wardrobe was packed with expensive designer handbags and clothes. I had been saving them all up for the time I left London escorts. The plan was to sell them, and fortunately, I managed to get a rather good price for them. The other stuff like the clothes, jewellery, niche pieces of vintage broaches and the shoes, I managed to sell through a second-hand dress agency and made a pretty penny.

I have to admit that I found it hard to part with some of the bling. Yes, I sold the most expensive pieces I had been gifted during my time with charlotte London escorts. At the end of my sales spree, I put the money in the bank. It was the start of my retirement plan. It was around this time I met Gerard. He was actually shopping in the store I worked in, and we started to talk. One thing led to another, and we soon became an item. He was not the sort of guy to date London escorts, so I decided I would not tell him about my past life.

When he asked me to marry him, I thought briefly about telling him about London escorts. After all, what would happen if we bumped into somebody I used to date when I worked for London escorts? But as I did not want to risk the relationship, I decided not to say anything. Fortunately for me, Gerard suggested that we move out of London. It was a real life saver for me, and I was only too happy to up sticks and move to the beautiful countryside which surrounds Oxford.

What I had forgotten about was my self-styled London escorts pension scheme. It was still sitting in that bank account and every year I pulled out some money and invested it in an ISA. But I had never told Gerald about it. I knew that I had to do, and I told him that I had worked and saved hard. If he had looked more closely, he would have seen all of the money appeared at one time, but he never did. Along with my flat, I had not done badly for myself. With a bit of luck, my husband will never find out about my former London escorts career. I do wonder how many former London escorts find themselves in the same situation and keep a secret or two from their husbands.

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