Bloomsbury Escorts had never heard of anyone dying from an orgasm

I have always wondered if you can die from having an orgasm? When I have lunch with my friends at Bloomsbury Escorts services from, I do notice that we discuss the craziest subjects. I don’t know where this topic came from, but I did not it made our waiter blush. The poor thing was just taking our drinks order. I suppose you could if you had a heart attack, but that heart attack would probably be more likely to come from the aerobic exercise of sex instead. Most of the girls from Bloomsbury Escorts had never heard of anyone dying from an orgasm, but the question is, how fit do you need to be to have sex?
Sex is a great form of aerobic exercise but you can overdo it. If, you have had a recent heart problem, perhaps you should be a bit careful. However, I have got good news for male Bloomsbury Escorts, if they are worried about dying from an orgasm; you only need to be able to climb a flight of stairs to be healthy enough to have sex. That might surprise a few people and Bloomsbury Escorts as well. But, if you can walk up a flight of 12 steps, you are ready to have sex.
Heart attacks are not that common when it comes to sex. It seems that the most frequent injury is a sore head. I suppose that might come from banging your head against a headboard. One of the girls from Bloomsbury Escorts said that her dad suffers from cramp really badly when he has sex with her mom. Tina from Bloomsbury Escorts says that her mom told her it started after an attack of gout. Ever since then, Tina’s dad has been suffering with cramp. Tina thinks it is funny, but I bet you her dad doesn’t.
Another common injury is broken limbs. That surprised me at first, but Lavender who works for Elite Bloomsbury Escorts, says it depends on the fact that some couples fall out of bed during vigorous sex. It made me laugh, but Lavender says that broken shoulder blades are not that uncommon. I wonder how many people have broken their shoulders during vigorous sex with their partners. At least you would be able to explain that you fell out of bed. Would you call an ambulance I asked Lavender from Elite Bloomsbury Escorts? Maybe you would have to, the pain from a broken shoulder must be terrible.
Of course, there are other problems or injuries that can happen to you in bed as well. Mary who has been working for the most incredible Bloomsbury Escorts agency for six months, says that she accidentally elbowed her boyfriend in the eye. He walked around with a black eye for six days, she says giggling. Never mind, I don’t that that is really bad. I had a girlfriend who worked for a Bloomsbury Escorts service, who broke a toe when she got it caught in the bed rails. It was painful and she did have to have an operation.

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