I marry the best woman of London escort.



I never thought that I could have the best woman for me. Someone who has to love me through worsts and best. Someone who have shown me the world and its beauty. Someone that never give up on me when she has all the chance. To have a partner that is good for our being is everything, they don’t deserve any less but more. We feel more love and secure with them. They are our treasures in life, and for keeps. To lose them is the biggest regret to take. And it’s hard when you need to start again with another person, it’s like you will get back to level one. Well, I mean, when you love the person you won’t do anything to hurt them. They deserve love and respect. Love is the reason why we choose to be better.  It is the reason why we take the right path. Many times we encounter troubles and difficulties but its okay as long as we had someone on our side and made us special. Someone to love and care for us. We all need someone to make us believe that real love exists.


Love made us feel like we’re in heaven. It made us feel like the happiest person, and think of positive thoughts. Funny because we sometimes caught ourselves imagining our future with the like growing old with them and build a family. When wearing with then, it feels like we don’t need to pretend anymore but be our self. We don’t feel afraid on what’s ahead us, important is we are ready to face life challenges. We don’t fear what tomorrow comes, as long as we have someone to run into when our world falls apart. To find a lifetime partner is a blessing. When you are in a relationship with the person, learn to be honest and sincere with your feelings. Always tell your partner how much you love them.


The next phase of the relationship is marriage. And I am so lucky enough that I choose to marry an Escort in London. Aside from her charming face, she is also kind. She is always there for me and never leaves me. She did everything for me and took risks. She is one of a kind and to let go of her could be a regret of mine. She loves to cook my favorite food. She comforts me every time I have problems in life. She never leaves me when she has a chance. She is always there to give positivity to me. Sometimes, I asked myself, what is the right thing I have done, to have this kind of wife? And so, after seven years of relationship, I marry the best woman of London escort

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