Confessions of a London escort

Are kiss and tell stories a good thing? Most of the time, kiss and tell stories do more harm than good. Numerous charlotte escorts have been approached about supplying kiss and tell stories, but as far as I know, no London escorts worth her stuff would sell out and write a kiss and tell story, or allow a journalist to interview her. Sure, just like other London escorts, I do date my fair share of well known gentlemen, but I would never kiss and tell. That simply would not be on at all, and I think that most escorts in London feel the same way.

Actually, kiss and tell stories are one of the reason most London escorts stay away from dating celebs. I don’t have a problem dating well to do businessmen, but I like to stay away from socalled stars. They have this nasty little habit of taking you out, and calling you their girlfriend, The next minute you are in the paper, and it is really all about drawing attention to the celeb. I don’t like that at all, and believe me, these celebs don’t care about you at all.

Do I have any confessions to make? I don’t think that I have done anything wrong in my life, and working for London escorts has been my professional career. Not all London escorts see that way, but the once that do so, are the ones who are more likely to be good at working as London escorts. It is a bit like any other career. If you don’t take it seriously, you are not going to succeed at it and I have always set out to be successful and worked hard at the escort agency.

I suppose I could tell you the names of the rich businessmen and politicians I date, but I don’t think that I would be doing myself any favors at all. They spend good time to have the pleasure of my company at London escorts, and I don’t see why I should kiss and tell on them. Not only that, but most London escorts get really nice tips from their best dates, and there is no way that I am going to give up the perks that comes with the job. I would be silly to do, and a dippy blonde I am not.

That is the thing with London escorts. So many people think that we are dippy blondes are just glamour girls, but there is a lot more to escorting than you think. Some gentlemen date London escorts because of the obvious reasons, but at the same time, many gentlemen like to date escorts in London because they are lonely. This country is being swept by a loneliness epidemic, and more people than ever before are living on their own. Women seem to be able to establish social network easier than men, but the vast majority of men turn to London escorts because they are simply lonely, and would like to enjoy some companionship.

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