Cheap London Escorts would like to be Celebs

Just like many other escorts, Cheap London Escorts dream of being celebs. The truth is that many Cheap London Escorts are absolutely gorgeous and would easily pass as celebs but yet these young ladies spend a fortune on plastic surgery. In a recent survey conducted by the magazine Dating Lifestyle. Cheap London Escorts spent an amazing 1.2 million on plastic surgery and enhancement last year.

Sex expert Dr. Steph Smith was shocked when she saw the figures, and decided to visit some of the Cheap London Escorts to have a chat. A lot of escorts do spend money on enhancement work, but Dr. Smith was totally surprised at the amount of money Cheap London Escorts had managed to spend during one year on surgery.


Many of the escorts in London would like to move into central London and work there. This is certainly one of the reasons why they are spending so much money on plastic surgery. Dr. Smith noted that many of the young ladies who work in the area seemed to be a bit under confident, and many thought that big boobs would give them better confidence.

An increase it bust size may make a woman feel more confident, but being a popular escorts is about more than bust size. You need to have the personality to go with those 34 E’s, and this is very important. You are only as big and popular as your confidence, not your bust size according to Dr. Smith.


Botox injections will put a stop to smaller wrinkles and laughter lines but surely girls as young as 20 or 22 years old should not be worrying about lines? It seems that many of the Cheap London Escorts also have Botox on a regular basis. Some of the girls spent several thousands of pounds on regular Botox treatments.

Botox is a poison which relaxes the nerves and the muscles of the face, however, starting treatment so young may actually damage facial tissue. The problem is also that clinics that offer these types of treatments are only too happy to take anyone’s money and may not explain all of the risk involved properly to their clients.

It may not do you any harm at first but there has recently been some concerns about the increase use of Botox injections in younger people. If very young people get into the habit of using Botox injections, the concept of natural aging may be even further removed from us than it is today.

Skin Peels

Skin peels, or acid peels, are very popular amongst Cheap London Escorts as well. Here is a real cause for concern as many skin peels or acids treatments are now being associated with skin conditions such as capillary disease of the face. This means that the smaller capillaries which are very close to the surface of the face may collapse, and this can lead to poor skin quality in the future. For instance, a few years down the line, you may find that you end up with small broken veins in your face, and that does not look pretty.

Cheap London Escorts have every right to do whatever they want to do, but it is important to appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many dates prefer natural beauty.

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