It is really interesting drift which will offer you many hours of the most interesting pastime and plenty of unforgettable impressions. In case you like an active way of life and are constantly in movement , then spearfishing is exactly what you need. At the same time during this type of leisure you are calm and have an opportunity to admire under sea world and its inmates. So, to engage in spearfishing you will need a necessary ammunition as well as some theoretical knowledges of using it. You should note the fact that for the first time spearfishing has to be done with those who have an experience because there are a lot of various important trifles that beginners don’t expect. The book can also become a perfect instructor which will help you to find out nuances of this uneasy and incredibly interesting leisure. Spearfishing will be interesting primarily to the men because all of them like weapon which is necessary for spearfishing. An interesting fact of this type of leisure is a specific gun with small spear fixed to thin cable. If spear reaches fish – you get your catch. At the same time it is necessary to say that during this type of hunting it is important to follow precautions which will relieve you from emergency situations and troubles with your health.

You should note that qualitative and inexpensive equipment for spearfishing is available for everyone. You should pay attention on potential hunters that, despite all appeal and relative simplicity of spearfishing, there are important legal limitations which should be followed. For fish livestock preservation spearfishing hunters are forbidden to use any fixtures for subsea breath. This limitation exists in a lot of countries and you must follow it. The thing is that in water the fish is extremely vulnerable and it becomes an easy catch for hunter, and in case the hunter uses aqualung, the fish practically don’t have any chances to survive.

Spearfishing is not only pleasant pastime – for many people it is a serious sport with championships and champions. The main peculiarity is the fact that in rivers and lakes the water is more muddy and it considerably makes hunting more difficult and make hunters use special fixtures.

Not only qualitative equipment but also sportsman’ good physical form are required. The fact that it is necessary to stay at depth only with the air reserve which you have in your chest because all other fixtures are prohibited is especially highlighted. This nuance transforms spearfishing to a fight between man and water. Process of catching allows to learn fish habits, their features and living places. We can say with confidence that this experience will be very useful you.

In case you do not want to start hunting only owing to your inexperience, you can find plenty of special training videos-lessons which you will easily find in the network. Huge plenty of interesting literature which will open a perfect world of the sea and its inmates to you also exists.

Spearfishing will improve your physical form and make you look fit. You will feel great in aquatic environment and will be sure to all hundred per cent in your health and endurance.

Diving tours/tourism

Diving-tours can be separated to two main types: daily-diving and dive Safari.
To dive Safari it is better to be experienced diver, which is not afraid of seasickness and ready to exchange excursions and shopping to rare places. In fact, dive Safari is a sea cruise with two-four immerses per day.

The main minus of dive Safari is that at residing on the vessel you can not really feel the culture of a country, though passengers’ will be necessarily fed by national kitchen. Duration of this cruise can vary from 3 to 13 night.

Daily diving approaches more to beginning divers and groups, in which only a part of people is immersed. In the morning diver will be picked up from hotel and will be brought either to diving-centre, or at once to quay, therefrom already on the boat or small vessel they will drive him to scheduled dive-site. After the first immersing diver easy dinners aboard, then the second immersing, and in the evening – returning to coast . There is opportunity to be immersed three times a day.

Where to depart?

Diving-tourism countries can be separated to two categories:

First Category: “Here one cannot not to dive!” There are directions, where divers from the whole world go to be immersed . It is almost all countries of South-east Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Micronesia, Papua is New Guinea, French Polynesia and other. Caribbean basin and Latin America: Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican republic, Mexico. Europe: Malta, Khorvatiya, Norway. And still there is South Africa, Australia, Mal’divskie islands, India (Lakkadivskie and Andaman islands), Ecuador (Galapagosskie islands), at last, Egypt

Second category : “we should sink!” Directions impossible to be called “for divers”, but where the owner of the mask and diver suit will start to look under water. Countries: all islands of Caribbean sea, Austrian lakes, Spain, Greece, Tunis, India (Goa), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Jordan, Seychelles, Mavrikij and other.

Where and how to choose equipment ?


photo by Paleontour

You can spend a thousands dollars to buy undersea equipment. The shops offer a huge amount of subsea equipment. Experienced diver usually has : flippers, mask, pipe , diving suit, emergency buoy, subsea hand computer, bag for subsea equipment, lifejacket , control unit and many additional stuff, which will take a lot of time to be described.

But on initial level, when it is not very clear if diving is your long passion or not , you shouldn’t buy anything except flippers, mask pipe and of course a camera in waterproof case, so you can share your underwater experience with your loved ones.

Flippers with boats with open heel with rubber are more comfortable for beginners. It’s better to choose rubber flippers without plastic insets. Mask should correspond to diver’s face , it has to to adjoin tightly to it.

When you are going shopping for diving it is better to go there with experienced diver friend or to take advices of seller. That’s why it is better not to buy first equipment in online shops.

How to become a diver?


photo by Yu Diving via: freeforcommercialuse.org

Every year at least one million people around the world becoming divers and this is a good indication of the availability and popularity of diving. Do you have interest in the diving but you are not sure how serious your interest and if you are ready for it? How not to be mistaken with a choice of diving? What course to take? In this article you will find the answers.

Why do you need a diver certificate?

We often hear this question. It is no secret that in the resorts all over the world tour operators offer boat trips to scuba diving tour to everyone, even if they do not have diving certificates. However, such immersion hardly be called a full-fledged diving, it is rather a passive entertainment underwater for 10 minutes. If you want to actively explore underwater world, iti s important to undergo training and to become certifieddiver to minimize the risk to life and health. Certificate that being issued after the successful completion of the course is a confirmation that you have mastered a specific set of diving skills and know safety dives. PADI certificates are recognized worldwide, so you can dive and continue studies anywhere in the world with any dive center. Diving certificate will significantly expand your options, you get more freedom in the choice of dive sites and your new hobby becomes colorful on experience. List of other diver certification organizations here

Can I be a diver?

You can become a diver if you are older than 10 years old. Minimum age to dive in open water is recommended as a result of several independent scientific studies. Involve the child to diving can be before, but only under the guidance of a professional in compliance with the recommendations adopted in the global diving community. The upper age limit is not limited to defined standards and more personal human mobility. Stay confident in the water. How do you know whether you are able to dive? In fact, everything is simple – if you are able to swim 200 meters and stay on the water for 10 minutes without any extraneous devices, then this is enough for diving certification. If you are able to dive and swim under water at least 2-3 meters, and you have had the experience of swimming with a snorkel and mask, then you can easily master the technique and diving. Some disorders and diseases of the respiratory and circulatory system can be temporary or permanent contraindication to engage dayvigom. Make a preliminary self-assessment of your own health is not difficult, you need only answer the questions in the questionnaire of medical application. If among your questionnaire responses are positive, then you need a consultation with a doctor before diving. This declaration must be completed prior to each diving course or study program.